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Topband: Fw: 940,850,830

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Subject: Topband: Fw: 940,850,830
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Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 06:25:02 EST
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> I have all three radios and I hate to say this but the 830 seems
> best on 160. The 850 is nice as it has the PC interface. The
> 940 PC interface option is hard to find if the radio you are 
> thinking of buying doesn't have one installed. Easy to tell as it 
> will have 5 vdc on the comm port.

I have also used  830's on topband and really liked them.  Hoewver, the 930 
has, IMO, a better receiver than the 830.  (Note to K8SE: finally traded all 
the 830's for 930's, made a 10 year upgrade in technology ;-) ).  With the PC 
interface for the 930, it becomes an even better radio. Never much cared for 
the receiver in the 940.

With regard to the PC interface for the 940, you can still get them from 
PIEXX.  I bought one for a 940 that we have at our CCC station at PJ2T.  The 
interface is well made and works very well. Goose, W8AV

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