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Re: Topband: 2 wire beverage

Subject: Re: Topband: 2 wire beverage
From: Hardy Landskov <>
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 17:07:38 -0700
List-post: <>
Hi Bill, 
I did what you suggested and they seemed to work ok.  I actually had one
wire on top of another separated by 12 inches running along a 330 ft
concrete fence. Both Beverages were grounded all the time at the far end. I
still got good F/B ratio when switching from due East to due West. ( ZS vs
KH6  here )
My problem was trying to run a small coax across the driveway so I could
get the SW direction. Tried putting the coax  in a crack that had developed
in the driveway but eventually that failed due to vehicle traffic . So I
went the 450 ohm bi-directional route per W8JI's article ( actually the
ladder line measured 374 ohms by my measurement, 377 ohms by W8JI's
measurement, close enough to be lot variation dependant. )
Anyway, this solved the driveway problem.
I now have 3 Beverages, 6 directions, and 1000 ft less RG58 to handle......
73 Hardy N7RT

At 08:34 PM 8/24/04 EDT, wrote:
>OK, so maybe a two wire switchable may not be the way to go.  How  about 
>placing them  parallel about 15 feet facing northwest,  and
one facing 
>southeast?  Any interaction?  Any need to ground  one when the other is
>Bill  K4XS
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