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Topband: RG-6 & Connectors

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Subject: Topband: RG-6 & Connectors
From: "Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH)" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 08:55:07 -0500
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Good Morning All:

Much to my happy surprise, 800 feet of Commscope F660BV 75 ohm coax 
arrived on my door step yesterday.  I have searched all of the 
Commscope data I can find on the internet, and find nothing about the 
correct connector(Type F) to use on it.  Can someone please help me 
to understand this?   I know there are various types of coax with 
various levels of braid.  Do all connectors fit all levels of 
braid?  If not, what fits what?

I would prefer to use Type F connectors due to the cost saving.  If 
necessary I would use BNC.

Here are the cable specs.

Center Conductor:
         18 AWG copper clad steel
         Nominal Diameter:  0.040"  (1.02mm)

         Gas expanded polyethylyne
         Nominal diameter over dielectric:  0.180" (4.57mm)

         1st shield:  Aluminum polypropylene
         Aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to the dielectric
         Nominal diameterover tape:  0.187"  (4.75 mm)

         2nd Shield:  34 AWG Aluminum braid wire
         60% Coverage

         PVC Jacket
         Nominal diameter over jacket: 0.272" (6.91mm)
         Nominal jacket thickness: 0.030"  (0.76 mm)

Electrical Properties:
         Impedance:              75.0 +/- 3.0 Ohms
         Velocity of propagation 85% nominal

  All information I find indicates that this coax is flooded, and 
suitable for outdoor use.

Many thanks.

Mike, W5UC

"age & treachery will overcome youth & skill" 

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