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Topband: 160m portable operating

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Subject: Topband: 160m portable operating
From: steve d <>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 17:55:27 -0700 (PDT)
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I am starting to toss around this idea. I know the 160 contest is a long way 
off, but Ive got my wheels turning already.
  I have real high QRN here on all bands below 14Mhz. 40m is what I have  been 
working recently, but with consistant QRN around S-5 or higher it  makes 
operation terrible. 80 and 160 are even worse.
  Im really wanting to get something on 160, so Im contemplating setting  up 
portable to get on 160. What kinds of antennas should I consiter? I  am 
thinking of a basic dipole, a 1/2w end fed vert (balloon or kite  lifted), or 
inverted L.
  I am in to VHF contesting and was talking to one of my friends today -  he 
said I was welcome to stop by is new property (nothing built on it  yet), about 
7 acres in EN80. So I asked about the possibility of  operating 160 there in 
the winter. He said that it was OK. The property  has many tall trees, Im not 
sure how tall yet. I havent been out there.
  So Ive got the QTH to make this happen. Now.. about those antennas? 
  Steve, KC8QVO
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