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Topband: Thanks for your Antenna Advice Plus K9AY Questions

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Subject: Topband: Thanks for your Antenna Advice Plus K9AY Questions
From: "Scott WA9WFA" <>
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 21:03:59 -0500
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My thanks to all who replied to my dipole, vertical, preamp, and K9AY 
questions.  Several fellows emailed me privately with advice and help and 
several emailed the list.  Thank you very much!!   Just tonight I was 
listening on 160, heard a pile up on some DX station but never heard the DX 
station among the atmospheric noise and small amount (S-1 or S-2) of 
scrambled eggs from the power line.  I was wondering what it would sound 
like to listen to a dx signal down in the weeds, and hear it.

On the preamp, I wonder what I was thinking.  I should have known that the 
amp is just going to amplify the whole signal, noise and all, resulting in 
just a louder but same signal to noise ratio.   Good point, it's the signal 
to noise ratio that I need to be concerned about, not the S-meter.  If I 
can't pull the signal out of the noise at S-3 with a given sig/noise ratio, 
I sure won't be able to hear it any better at S-5 with the same sig/noise 
ratio..  No Jay wasn't telling me that I would get an improved signal to 
noise ratio, I misread his websites comments about it.

So my whole goal then with a magnetic loop or K9AY loop is to yield a lower 
noise level (atmospherics, power line, tv and cable crap) right at the 
antenna,  and only then letting a preamp amplify that improved signal to 
noise ratio.

FB on the Gary's comments about the hill application of the K9AY loop. 
Sounds like it should work then.  I just need to run this antenna by my wife 
and see what she thinks about it.   What am I saying... I already know what 
she'll think about it.  Lets see if I can still get the ok to do it.

Tnx for the pointing out that my 160 meter inverted vee has little 
directivity due to the low antenna height.  At least I don't have to think 
about moving the leg around since it won't do much of anything for 

I'm going to keep browing the archives and other internet resources and 
learn more about the K9AY antenna.

Thanks guys.  73, Scott WA9WFA

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