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Re: Topband: Inverted L or no Inverted L

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Subject: Re: Topband: Inverted L or no Inverted L
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Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2007 20:58:37 -0400
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Sorry but I just laugh anymore when guys talk about all that work laying
in radials. My transmit antenna for 160 isn't ground dependent like an 
Inverted L or vertical is. But enhancing the ground under it is still a slight
improvement. So two years ago the wife and I put out about 100 radials. 
That took us less than two hours total time to run them. It took me another
hour to hook all them to the base of the tower. 

No digging, No Getting out the old bayonet, No slitting the ground, No 

The last time you cut your grass in the fall you cut it as close as your mower 
will cut. Then run out your radials. Mine are mostly around 150 to 200 feet in 
length. All of them are small sized wire line #20 or #22. Insulated with 
Teflon. Because I bought the stuff by the pound for basically scrap copper 
prices. Slide 5 or 6 rolls on a steel rod and two people pick up the ends of 
the rod and walk to the limit of the property. Cut off all wires. Flip them out 
little and go back and repeat the process. In the spring you leave your 
mower up to a taller height for part of the season. By mid summer you can't 
find the first one of those wires. Maybe we hit two or three of them with the 
mower but 99% of them are now buried and work to bury them was ZERO.
Let Mother Nature do it.

John k9uwa
John Goller, K9UWA & Jean Goller, N9PXF 
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