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Re: Topband: 756 PROIII

To: "allan1" <>
Subject: Re: Topband: 756 PROIII
From: Floyd Sense <>
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:35:00 -0400
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allan1 wrote:
> Thank you all for your input on the inverted L
> I have the PRO111which has a separate rcv ant input.
> Can I assume that when I hook up another antenna such as an ewe or loop to 
> the receive antenna input, that the received signals on top band will be a a 
> combination of the L and the EWE.
> If so that means that I am not getting the full affect of the EWE. Do I need 
> a separate TR switch for 160? To minimize all the other coax lines from my 
> other antennas coming into the shack, I use a remote coax switch. The above 
> might complicate things since I have a common coax line.
> Any thought would be appreciated
> Thanks
> Allan W2TN

That's not the case.  Your Pro III will receive on the antenna 
specified, not both.  You select the receive antenna port by pressing 
the ANT button and holding it down for a second.  The antenna selected 
will change to "1/R", indicating you'll transmit on antenna 1 and 
receive on the antenna connected to the receive jack.  If you normally 
use the "2" antenna for 160, you'll get "2/R" when you hold the button 

73, K8AC
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