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Topband: Northern latitudes in favor on TB

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Subject: Topband: Northern latitudes in favor on TB
From: "Dr. Wolf Ostwald" <>
Date: 13 Sep 2007 05:47 GMT
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Hi reflectees ! 
The last days produced pretty strong signals from stations in the
Pacific northwest. The WA-stations surely had the prop. N7UA,W1YY/7 very
consistent here in central EU. Today the prop stretched down the coast
to CA, Bruce,K6OY made it from his coastal location just past my sunrise
into EU. This is still pretty early for the season. Strangely enough
there were no signals from other ares of the US or Canada at the same
time, even the W1AW signal had vanished at that time. I will try a short
survey of the Canadian magnetometer website to get the ghist of it
retrospectively. But my efforts in the last years to get some prediction
for that path always failed. Too many data to be computed by human brain
and one can interprete something into them - but only after he already
knows what had happened ! Maybe a computer whiz amongst the topbanders
crew might be able to setup a constantly working programm that alerts if
the swing of magnetic forces seems to be favorable over the path,
whereas it needs to be dug out, what is really "favorable". I found at
least 10 Canadian Geoagnetic sites on the "signal path" to the left
coast from EU. Any ideas ?
73 de wolf
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