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Re: Topband: The Miracle Band

Subject: Re: Topband: The Miracle Band
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 08:49:45 EDT
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Last night I had my earliest-ever fall-season contact with  Europe.  I found 
S59A last night at 0538Z.
For many of you, this is no big deal.  For me it is amazing.  I  run an Omni 
Six at about 70W to a 195' center fed stealth dipole (#22  wire) that is only 
28' above the ground!  What is most remarkable is  that the antenna is routed 
among several tall trees with heavy foliage, and it  is highly unusual to work 
even the east coast, much less Europe.
It should be a great season!  Kudos to Drago for great ears!
Paul, K5AF

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