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Topband: MT report

Subject: Topband: MT report
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 08:53:46 EDT
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This may sound familiar to many of you.  One good evening on 1 Sept  with 
HK3O and ZS1REC.  Most evenings nothing but W1AW and I don't need more  code 
practice.  Once in a while may hear faint signals from DF2PY or S59A  but not 
enough for a qso.  Still no Europeans this season.  Is the rx  antenna still up?
Last evening same quiet band.  Karel ZS6WN said he didn't hear any  signals.  
I said maybe noone is transmitting.  All at once I hrd a VY2  qsoing someone, 
and could hear the other end, SP5DRM. 
So I decided to put out for me a rare cq on 1831.  In short order had  qso 
SP5DRM for first European qso of the season, followed in short order with  
SM7BIC (his first w7 of the season) S59A and G4AMT. 
Off to bed by 0330z here so could have missed more before sunrise in  Europe. 
 So the short Beverage is still up.  tx is 1.5 kw, and tx  antenna is a two 
element vertical endfire array of 90' verticals.  reports  were 559 to 579.  
73, Bob W7LR  

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