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Topband: 3B7C

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Subject: Topband: 3B7C
From: "Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH)" <>
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 07:59:48 -0500
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Good morning All:

OOPS!  Missed them. There was really strange propagation last evening 
for the 3B7C group.  I could always hear them, but not well enough to 
call.  Occasionally they would pop-up to a readable level, but only 
long enough for one set of calls, and then they were gone again, for 
significant periods of time. This brings to mind(mine at least) the 
following question:

Assume I have two receive antennas. Antenna nr. 1 has a RDF of 7.2 
dB, and the prime angle of radiation is 32 degrees.

Antenna nr. 2 has a RDF of 9.2 dB at a prime angle of 23 degrees.

What will be the actual difference in readability of the same signal 
on the two antennas?

I am currently using antenna nr.1, and am curious as to whether or 
not it is worth the effort to build antenna nr. 2.  Antenna nr. 2 is 
the absolute best I can do given the amount of real estate I have to work with.

Thanks & 73,
Mike, W5UC

"age & treachery will overcome youth & skill" 

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