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Subject: Re: Topband: 3b7c
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 10:24:05 EDT
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I normally don't get involved in these kind of discussions, but this time,  I 
feel I must.  This is an alternative view of the events of last  night.  You 
see, I believe the mad scene last night was the largely the  fault of the 3B7C 
operator.  Let me explain how:

The op at 3B7C responded to one W4 for at least  10  
calls before he responded.
Yes, and that happened to others as well.  The Dx operator didn't give  the 
call signs of the stations he was trying to work more than once or  twice.  The 
better procedure is to come back to the station, send his call  twice or even 
three times, give the report, send his call again and BK.   That gives the 
station being worked a minimum three times to hear his call and  just as 
important, the other stations in the pileup the opportunity to hear that  the 
station has come back to someone and for them to stand by.  We all  know that 
everyone will stand by, but most will if they have heard the DX  station 
respond to someone.

I was hearing him very well here. Apparently a lot of the people  calling 
weren't. That didn't stop them from calling, though.
Last night, he had the best signals since the operation began.   It gave many 
people, who had been waiting for a shot to work them,  their first chance.  I 
suspect most people who were calling him felt  that they could hear well 
enough to work him.  We must remember the  tremendous variance between 
stations RX setups, the top band  spotlight effect and of course QSB.  There 
is a tendency to think that  because I am hearing the DX station well then 
everyone else is  too. So if I hear the DX station clearly come back to someone 
and other  stations don't stop calling, there is every likelihood that they 
didn't hear the  DX station comeback to someone else.  That can be because of 
variances  just mentioned, the DX operator, or the callers timing was off  
(clearly his fault).
3b7c seemed to have great difficulty picking out a station  and  
then it seemed NO ONE would stop calling long enough for them  to
complete and exchange.
Please reread comments above about the DX operators technique.  Add to  that 
the fact that he continually said QSX 1831.  The problem...everyone  clustered 
around 1831 and was reluctant to spread out. That certainly didn't  help the 
situation !

I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to  the 3B7C operator. 

OH MY.... He is probably frustrated by the fact that he was only working  one 
station every minute or so, but compare that to the frustration of those who  
were trying to work him when he was working Europe during the two  hour 
period of common darkness with NA.  He had all night to work  Europe and only a 
short shot at NA.  By only working NA through that time  frame, he would have 
certainly reduced the number of stations (EU) calling and  maybe upped his QSO 

Finally about 30 minutes before his sunrise 3B7C  just
quit!  or something changed as there was no more  signal.
Actually he came back...maybe an ill-timed potty break !

He  moved to SSB on 1842. Unfortunately I couldn't hear him nearly as  
well  there. Not well enough to justify calling him.
Yup...he sure did...for about 15-20 mins.  I guess the theory was  since he 
was having trouble working folks on CW, he would try SSB and work some  of the 
big gun stations again on a different mode.  
Let me say that I have the utmost respect for the 5 Star DXers; they run a  
top notch DX notch!
My comments are not meant in any way to deride them or this fine  DXpedition 
or the operator involved. In fact, I know most of the  operators personally.  
Fine folks all !'s to a great season...

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