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Topband: CU1BP

Subject: Topband: CU1BP
From: "Ricardo Chaves" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 12:38:02 +0000
List-post: <>

although we (hams in Azores) are still not sure, there may be something
"strange and wrong" with this call, just to say that we are checking it!
According to official sources, CU1BP is registered under this name Michel
Guy Andre Hamoniaux, since 2002 into a hotel address!
I am in contact with CU1AAD, Sergio, the president of Santa Maria's ham club
who thinks is strange nobody there knows where this operator is operating
from! Santa Maria is a  considerable small Island and is very suspicious
nobody can hear him there. CU1CB, Manuel is a CW operator and he still
doesn't know nothing about this operator. We are now investigating! I am
sending a Bcc of this message to CU1CB, CU2AF and CU1AAD.

73 to all

What called us the atention was these spots:

DX de N2CLB     CU1BP            1834.0 he is on the east cost of USA
21:48z 20-Sep-2007
DX de S59A       CU1BP             1834.0 coming from EAST ! ! !
          21:47z 20-Sep-2007
DX de SP2XF     CU1BP            1834.0 sigs coming from East, pirate?
21:44z 20-Sep-2007
DX de DF9YQ    CU1BP            1834.0
                    21:39z 20-Sep-2007

Ricardo Chaves
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