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Re: Topband: Preamp for 160

Subject: Re: Topband: Preamp for 160
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 12:32:16 -0400
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AD4VJ Writes:

>I finally got a preamp for 160. It is a AMECO PLF-2 (20db).

The only problem I see is that it has RCA jacks in the back for the 
feedline and the line to the input of my FT-1000MP MKV.
Will these connector types cause allot of loss to the incoming signal 
or do I
just solder on the coax as though they were pl-259's

   73 fer nw es gud DX,

W2PM Replies:

Loss isn't an issue but the quality of the shield contact for outdoor 
use of an RCA connector can introduce noise and defeat the purpose of 
your receive antenna.  Unless very well wrapped and better yet - coated 
with silicone seal and/or liquid rubber - I have found the shield 
connection can deteriorate outdoors from oxidation and mess me 
signifcantly or intermittently.  I use RG174 on Flag and Pennant 
downleads as the tiny coax is very light and flexible and that size 
coax is better served with small connectors like RCA's but BNC's would 
be better - but more difficult to assemble and not worth the effort.  
SMA's would be most ideal but they too are not as readily available and 
adapter issues become more difficult.  I use an RCA male at the end of 
the antenna downlead then a RCA fem to SO239 adapter for the main coax 
line into the shack. I completely dip the RCA male connector in silcone 
seal or rubber then when plugged into the adapter tape the junction 
very carefully and try to leave it in a situation where water and snow 
won't collect.  I would think even cheapie RCA connectors are fine for 
160 - especially for inside the shack. They are simple to use and not 
complex in design.
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