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Topband: SOLVED! RE: Newbie question

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Subject: Topband: SOLVED! RE: Newbie question
From: "Mark Lunday" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 16:51:09 -0400
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Thanks to the 20+ hams who responded with guidance and recommendations!

Here's what I did

1. Replaced radiating element.  Put up 128 foot of new wire.
2. Removed remote coupler
3. Checked SWR at shack, 2:1  AS EXPECTED, with about 35 or so ohms at the
feed point!

1. The CG-3000 remote coupler did tune ok on 160 over the winter, but it's
not working now.  Probably the internal losses at that frequency, or
limitations of the coupler (not a surprise, I was hoping anyway)
2. I have 300 foot of LMR-400 coax.  With a 2:1 SWR, that's about 0.1 dB
loss on 160.  No need for a tuner, I can use the one in the radio
3. The MFJ-259 may be suffering from overload or other issues at this
frequency, which may explain why I got a weird reading last night during
nighttime AM broadcast propagation times.
3. Use common sense when investigating problems; I knew that a KISS
approach, with 1/4 wave and radials should give me a reasonable measurement
of resistance and reactance.  Next time, I will start simple and work my way

So, we should be all set with the transmitting antenna, maybe some more

Now, on to the construction of the beverage!

Mark Lunday

UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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