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Re: Topband: The Slingshot Option

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Subject: Re: Topband: The Slingshot Option
From: "Gerry Treas, K8GT" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 4:21:05 +0000
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Hi Pete and all,

First of all, use an egg sinker, (1 oz. or 1.5 oz.) with the hole through the 
long axis.  Get a small length of insulation from hookup wire.  Thread the 
fishing line, (6#, 8#, 10#) through the "spaghetti" insulation, which is used 
to keep the edge of the hole in the sinker from cutting the line.  The reason 
for the egg sinker is symmetry, many other types of sinkers tumble and all the 
energy is lost in the tumble.

You didn't forget to push the button for free spooling, before you let fly, 

Also, most slingshots use tan surgical tubing, which loses elasticity in less 
than two years.  Find the replacement tubing that is black, it will last much 
longer, but requires a "heftier" pull, and  it will go farther.

The slingshot mus be of the "wrist rocket" type with the wrist brace.  Then I 
just bent a metal coat hanger to attach to the brace.  On another slingshot, I 
attached the reel to the side of the brace using stainless hose clamps with a 
wood dowel to take up space in the hose clamp.

I've gotten as high as 75', not the 100' that some claim, but usually only 50' 
or so.  Still takes practice and sometimes lots of tries.

I'm still planning on a pneumatic launcher one of these days.

73, Gerry, K8GT

---- Pete Smith <> wrote: 

Bud, this is exactly what I did, and it has never worked worth a darn - 
most times, the fishing weight doesn't get even 15 feet from the 
slingshot.  Where on the slingshot did you attach the reel?  Did you use 
a closed or open-face reel?  What weight of line?  I'd sure like to 
rehab mine, if I could figure out what to do.

73, Pete N4ZR

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On 10/14/2010 10:28 AM, sebdesn wrote:
> I went to Walmart and bought a cheap spinning reel(Attach it to the sling
> shot) . a sling shot, a small lead fishing weight. and some light fishing
> line line.
> Its very easy to shoot it a hundred feet over a tree and then attach rope to
> it, to pull wire over. also very reasonable price/ wise...
> Bud WOHG
> -
> Dear all
> some time ago there were some discussions on reflector about how to
> make a pneumatic device that could be used to launch a fishing line
> with sinker over a top of a tree for attaching wire antennas..
> 73 de VK2CCC
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