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Topband: west coast in the mornings

Subject: Topband: west coast in the mornings
From: Carl Luetzelschwab <>
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2017 09:56:51 -0500
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Hi guys and gals,

After walking Snoopy and going out for breakfast this morning, I got back
on 160m around 1320z (8:20 AM local here in Ft Wayne - about a half hour
past our sunrise). Between 1324z and 1340z I worked AZ, CO and OR with
decent signals on my SAL-20 Shared Apex Loop.

I also heard quite a few other West Coast stations, but they kept CQing in
my face. It could be they have a noise problem or it could be a propagation
issue (since we don't fully understand all the interesting things that
happen on 160m).

But it also could be those stations were listening to the west with their
directional receive antennas, not towards the east since it was daylight
here. If this was the case, be sure to take a listen back towards the east
every once in a while. With the Sun in the southern hemisphere, ionospheric
absorption is minimal on the mid to high latitude northern hemisphere paths.

I hope to work some of you tomorrow morning!

Carl K9LA
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