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Re: Topband: Top Band and JT65

Subject: Re: Topband: Top Band and JT65
From: Brian Pease <>
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 20:41:50 -0400
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10 Watts is considered high power on the digital modes. Is using 1000 Watts on 160m (+20dB) and 250Hz receive filters (+10dB) on both ends of a CW QSO more challenging than 10W on JT65 on the same link? Perhaps not.

On 5/15/2017 7:44 PM, Jim Murray via Topband wrote:
     I hate to weigh in on this since it's been beaten to death already but 
just another opinion.  Over the years I've tried several digital modes starting 
with psk31.  There weren't many  signals on the band at that time but now I see 
there are many.  Not to long ago I ventured into JT65 and JT9.  Quite a 
learning curve for an Ol'timer.  I considered all the digital operation as 
something new to learn for a change and enjoyed the learning part.  Once I got 
everything running properly I would begin to loose interest.  To me, just not 
the challenge of dxing mostly cw and ssb.  Seems the biggest skill comes from 
the people who write the software like Joe Taylor or Peter Martinez.  From that 
point you just click the mouse or type on the keyboard.  Very impersonal at 
times using F key exchanges etc..  But, that's just ones opinion.  Whatever 
floats your boat.

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