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Re: Topband: Top Band and JT65

To: Lennart m <>
Subject: Re: Topband: Top Band and JT65
From: Nick Maslon - K1NZ <>
Date: Sun, 14 May 2017 18:11:58 -0400
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Hi Len,

So, you would rather me set up stations in W1 and work EU, W4 and work the
Caribbean, W5 and work SA, and W6 and work Asia on SSB or CW instead of
letting me work digimodes from my QTH in W1? All those stations are in the
same DXCC entity and they all count for the same award.

Nick K1NZ

On the Droid.

On May 14, 2017 13:07, "Lennart m" <> wrote:

Yes - almost but:
You have to complete your QSO  on yourself
You are not obliged to use any PC or any other supports. If you do, then it
would not be a valid 100% QSO between two OPS.

That is my 10 USD worth


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Skickat: den 14 maj 2017 17:17
Ämne: Re: Topband: Top Band and JT65

Hi everyone,

Here's my stance on awards such as DXCC and achieving them with digimodes
such as JT65. Honestly, they're only worth the amount of importance you put
into them. They're essentially made up radio points anyway. If DXCC means
SSB and CW only, good for you. If you're having fun working working DXCC
with the JTmodes, good for you. If you only count entities worked from
stations you've built, good for you. If you operate from large stations that
aren't your own under your call, good for you. Honestly, that piece of paper
means something different to everyone. Isn't the whole point of this hobby
just to enjoy getting on the air, make new friends, and pray that the sun
doesn't obliterate the ionosphere?

Just my $.02.

Nick K1NZ
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