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Re: [CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand Contest is Nearly Here.

To: Lew Sayre <>
Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry TopBand Contest is Nearly Here.
From: Victor Androsov <>
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 09:02:41 -0500
List-post: <>

We hope using of online real score board wouldn't be considered as a
spotting network assistance.

If so we have prepared a score board for the Stew Perry contest:

We've tested it last November during the PreStew. It works good. We believe
using of real score board could make StewPerry competition much more
exciting. We provide instant qso/mult/score rate tools and a highest rate
Q/h number is calculating constantly after a first competition hour.

73 es HNY!


The team

On 26 December 2017 at 15:36, Lew Sayre <> wrote:

> Greetings 160M DX Contesters and Seekers,
>      The starting gong is getting closer for The Stew Perry TopBand DX
> Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur Radio Club.  It happens this
> weekend coming up. In order to learn the exact times and rules and other
> interesting information about this unique radiosport contest just drive
> your
> browser over to
>      The contesters themselves sponsor the plaques honoring various
> categories that are felt to be important. You can join this august group of
> forward thinking  radio pillars. It is not too late!  The cost is $65 and
> an
> email to me describing the category you'd like to sponsor. The list so far:
> KL7RA         Top # QSOs, S/O
> EI2CN          W/K/N/VE/XE station with most Qs with EI/British Isles
> W2GD Team- Top # Qs, NA/SA by a EU station
> N9TF             Top # Grid Squares, QRP,S/O,NA with non-resonant antenna
>                        < 40' above the ground
> WQ4RP          Top Score Multi-Op, QRP, World
> K2AV              "Master of the Small Lot" Top score from property
>                        containing  antennas < 1/3 acre or 1,350 Meters Sq,
>                         or 14,520  feet sq.
> N9TF              Top Score US/SO/LP, multi band vertical-no 160M trap/load
> or
>                         resonator- tuner at Rig only
> W9XR              "W3GH Memorial"  Top Score FN Grid Block
> VK6VZ             Top Score-Northern Hemisphere Station working Southern
>                          Hemisphere Stations- Winner receives Flying
>                          Doctors of VK baseball hat.
> K7FL                Top Score 100% Search & Pounce
> K2PO               Top Score, S/O, Low Power, Zone 3
> KH6LC             VK-ZL Challenge- Top Score, S/O, VK-ZL
> KR2Q               Golden Log Plaque- Most QSOs without a bust
> Dr. Beldar L1AR   Top Score, S/O, Using Temporary Antenna erected on or
>                          after Dec. 3, 2017- because as we all know- Some
>                          temporary  antennas will outlive their SK owners!
> WA8WZG         Top Score, Low Power, 6 character call sign
> W7RH               Top Score, Low Power Asia
> N2KW               "Speed Demon"- Most QSOs during error free 1 hour period
> VK6GX             "Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters"  Top Score +/- 15 deg
>                            of the Equator
> EI4HQ                Top Score, Low Power < 150W
> UX1UA               Top # NA + SA QSOs by Zone 16 Station
> Long Isl. DX
> Society,N1LI       Top Score from an IOTA recognized Island
> WA6CDR            N5IA Memorial- Top # Grids Worked
> KU1CW/7           Top Score World, S/O, <21 year old, >200 QSOs
>      If you want to compete for a particular plaque, please indicate in
> your soapbox
> comments, enclosed with your log entry, just which plaque or two you think
> you
> have a shot at winning. The Boring Amateur Radio Club does a lot of things
> very
> well but the reading of minds is not one of them. If some mutant contester
> qualifies
> for 2 plaques, the mutant will only receive 1 plaque with the other one
> awarded to
> the next best qualified for that category.
>      You still have a few days to spiff your 160M station, schedule the
> time off from
> whatever duties you are saddled with, and consider just how you will spend
> your
> 14 hours during the fairest and funnest 160M contest in our solar system.
>      Questions are always entertained after the Beverages are airborne and
> the
> greens are thawed.
>      There will most likely be a near final listing of plaques posted
> sometime during
> daylight hours during the Stew hours of operation. The Boring Amateur Radio
> Club also accepts post contest plaques if you forgot, thought up a killer
> category
> or just achieved desincarceration.
>       Thank you,
>        73 and I remain,
>        Lew          w7ew
> The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Stew Incitement
> _______________________________________________
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