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Topband: The Stew Perry is Within Hours, Pay Attention

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Subject: Topband: The Stew Perry is Within Hours, Pay Attention
From: Lew Sayre <>
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 2017 17:02:13 -0800
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Greetings to All Contesters with 160M Blood in their Arteries
     The Stew Perry TopBand Distance Challenge, sponsored by The
 Boring Amateur Radio Club,  is less than 24 hours away. Go memorize
the breathtaking and unique rules at
Then read the list below of Radio Stalwarts and the categories
that they have sponsored. Focus on which plaques you wish to
compete for and attempt to win. Then remember when you submit
your log to include that category and perhaps the sponsor's call
in your soapbox musings.  Please appreciate fully each category,
as some have more subtleties than others in their construct.

KL7RA         Top # QSOs, S/O
EI2CN          W/K/N/VE/XE station with most Qs with EI/British Isles
W2GD Team- Top # Qs, NA/SA by a EU station
N9TF             Top # Grid Squares, QRP,S/O,NA with non-resonant antenna
                       < 40' above the ground
WQ4RP          Top Score Multi-Op, QRP, World
K2AV              "Master of the Small Lot" Top score from property
                       containing  antennas < 1/3 acre or 1,350 Meters Sq,
                        or 14,520  feet sq.
N9TF              Top Score US/SO/LP, multi band vertical-no 160M trap/load
                        or resonator- tuner at Rig only
W9XR              "W3GH Memorial"  Top Score FN Grid Block
VK6VZ             Top Score-Northern Hemisphere Station working Southern
                         Hemisphere Stations- Winner receives Flying
                         Doctors of VK baseball hat.
K7FL                Top Score 100% Search & Pounce
K2PO               Top Score, S/O, Low Power, Zone 3
KH6LC             VK-ZL Challenge- Top Score, S/O, VK-ZL
KR2Q               Golden Log Plaque- Most QSOs without a bust
Dr. Beldar L1AR   Top Score, S/O, Using Temporary Antenna erected on or
                         after Dec. 3, 2017- because as we all know- Some
                         temporary  antennas will outlive their SK owners!
WA8WZG         Top Score, Low Power, 6 character call sign
W7RH               Top Score, Low Power Asia
N2KW               "Speed Demon"- Most QSOs during error free 1 hour period
VK6GX             "Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters"  Top Score +/- 15 deg
                           of the Equator
EI4HQ                Top Score, Low Power < 150W
UX1UA               Top # NA + SA QSOs by Zone 16 Station
Long Isl. DX        Top Score from an IOTA recognized Island

WA6CDR            N5IA Memorial- Top # Grids Worked
KU1CW/7           Top Score World, S/O, <21 year old, >200 QSOs

K1EP                   Top Score (>100 QSOs) by YL or XYL

K7CA                   Top Score Zone 22

K7CA                   Top Score Zone 24

N9TF                   Society of MidWest Contesters Black Hole Award-Top
N7UA                   Top Score High Power
Joseph N. Welch   First Station to work the most Directors who voted
Radio Society        Against the N6AA Censure

     If you have forgotten to sponsor a plaque just let me know as there
will be
a final posting of the plaques available either at Stew Daytime or a few
after the contest has ended. All these plaques are serious and are to be
won by the best qualified per the conditions and The Boring Amateur Radio
     The Boring Amateur Radio Club thanks all the RF men and women who
add spice to The Stew by simply showing up for either a short time or all
See you in The Stew!
73 and I remain,
  Lew         w7ew
The Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Efforts to Diminish the K Index
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