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Re: Topband: Inverted L loading wire dilemma

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Subject: Re: Topband: Inverted L loading wire dilemma
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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 23:41:38 -0000
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I would use a different approach, try 2 sloping wires opposite each other of
the same length. They will cancel out the horizontal component of the
loading and give you an overall better signal. For about 20 years I used a
51ft vertical with two stainless steel loading wires (just capacity to
ground). Which netted 298 current DXCC.
I later changed it to a 60ft vertical with shorter loading wires. Both
systems used a Hairpin match. I must say I don't see much difference between
the 51' and 60' vertical, although my ground system is extremely good, so
would not expect too.  Both vertical heights here had the loading wire tips
at a height of about 35-45ft  
Dependent on version. All resonated at about 1.9mhz before the adding of the
hairpin coil.   DXCC current only confirmed is 308.
73 Clive GM3POI

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Subject: Topband: Inverted L loading wire dialmma

For many years my 160m antenna has been a very successful classic 21m 
tall Inv L mast with a horizontal loading wire.
The only problem, a big one, has been the loading wire getting tangled 
up in the surrounding trees in very windy weather.
Chopping the trees down is not an option and I've had enough of the agro 
of untangling, to be honest.
I know I could provide loading at the feed point but it's not as efficient.
So, I wondered if anyone have had success with providing the loading 
wire(s) at say 45deg from the mast top down to ground level? (Witches 
Hat style).
Thanks in advance for any advice.
Dave G4GED

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