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Topband: 10 to 1 Ferrite Balun

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Subject: Topband: 10 to 1 Ferrite Balun
From: Herbert Schoenbohm <>
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2019 12:47:54 -0300
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I am working on an RX antenna that requires about balanced 800 match to 75
ohm RG-6.  I have some type 43 and 73 ferrite binocular cores but since
this is just an experimental RX antenna I wanted to use an easier approach.
I have two commercial baluns that are unmarked but bridge out to a 75-ohm
to 200- ohm match.  What would be the problem if I connected them with the
first balun output feeding the 75-ohm input of the second one with the
200-ohm output of the first one? Anyone ever tried this. Would this also
give me excellent ground loop decoupling between the RG-6 and the antenna?
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