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Topband: SW Report as Tree would say Not So Boring

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Subject: Topband: SW Report as Tree would say Not So Boring
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Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 17:44:00 +0000
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Greetings all,

Never say never. The band is never dead. It just may not be open to where you want it to be.

Monday morning march 25th in Arizona I called CQ on CW for almost an hour with no takers. (1200-1300 UTC) Nothing, Nada, Zip. I moved over to "The Dark Side" and called one CQ crossband to JA and immediately had a uncontrolled pileup. The screen was all  Red and scrolling. JA after JA. Not being a Dark Side officionado, I tried Fox hound mode split but found that it forced my TX to bottom of band where frequency response is rolled off with little power output. I went back to standard mode and worked what I could until after sun rise band fade. Whoa, some things just are not right.

Moving forward one day. Tuesday morning March 26th. I called CQ (12:30-13:30 UTC). What a difference a day makes. Nothing exotic but...........10 JA, 2 HL, 1 VK6 and R0LER/MM.  My peanut whistle station was spotted In JA, BG, ZL and VK all at the same time. For those of interest I get a maximum of 150W at the center antenna feed point 1000ft away from station. For JA and VK I have 3 elements end-fire made of 43ft telescopic masts much like Dxpedition style verticals with extensive ground system installed. These yield approx 700W ERP. Kudos to Tosy San (JE1TSD) who worked me twice once high power and 20 minutes later QRP 5W! Tosy a nice QSL is on the way!

XR0ZRC is another story and extremely disappointing. I've spent hours calling and listening. Most of the heavy metal guys on the west coast with high power and big arrays have not made it through. Too me it's a total shame as I used to work Alan, CE1/K7CA with 5W on most nights just 1500miles away. Guessing tonight is last chance but not sure.

Bouvet is going to be a real challenge for NA. The pileup is going to be massive and the station location is not optimum for North America. Instead they will have a good path to EU and Asia. Go Rebel DX! For me it's a direct beam heading. Just hoping for a repeat of the station performance like the VP8 Trifecta two years ago. I wish them luck, safe travels and good QSO rates to one of the most inhospitable locations in the world.

Best of luck and DX.

73, Bob W7RH

W7RH DM35os

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our 
humanity." - Albert Einstein

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