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Topband: XR0ZRC TB report from AZ last night

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Subject: Topband: XR0ZRC TB report from AZ last night
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2019 11:24:59 -0600
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To all..
I spent 3 hours last night listen and trying to work XR0.. when they were decent copy IN AZ about 0400,,.. when there were Many NA, stations calling along with a lot of Eu,, but VERY few made it into their log..Then about 0500 or so,, they started asking for EU only..and the band was FULL of EU up at least 3 KHz...but again very few making it into the log,,,BUT ZR0 was good copy for me the whole EU run.. Then about O600 they stopped asking for EU, and then the NA stations that were still on the band started calling,, I heard them work WA7NS about 90 miles north of me,, and I called them right after a few times and worked them about 0620...they were a real 569 to me from 0500 till they stopped calling CQ not long after I worked them... they were definitely struggling to hear.. MANY "BIG" gun stations both NA and EU,, did not make it last nite,, It took perseverance last nite,, and a LOT of Luck for those of us that made it into their log..
That's My report from AZ...
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