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Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 23:01:30 EDT
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<< Greetings,
 This question is directed to those who have buried guy anchors.
 What measures do you take to prevent people from running/walking into them?
 you attempt to hide the anchor point somehow? (shrubs, trees, etc)  How about
 the guy itself as it attaches the anchor... do you attach something to it to 
 illuminate it's presence?
 This subject has become a hot one in my household recently.  Our backyard,
 all of our neighbors, is open.  Fences are not allowed.  Funny, it was one of
 the very few items mentioned in the covenants.  My concern is for neighbors, 
 especially children, who are not always aware that the guy wires are right in
 front of them, especially in the evening hours.
 Just looking for some suggestions.  Many thanks in advance.
 Charlie  N9CO
Hi Charlie and the group,

A few years ago, when I was stationed in the Azores (CU3LF/CU0WPX)
the base housing officer was concerned about much the same things.
He approved my putting up a tower and a 45-foot 80/40m vertical
on the condition that I construct small fences around each guy anchor.
(He originally wanted me to fence in the entire antenna farm but I was
able to negotiate that down).  I tore apart some old wood pallets I
scrounged on the base and used the lumber for the mini-fences.
(No Home Depot stores in the mid-Atlantic!)
Painted them the same color as the building.  They didn't look bad at
all and it did keep the kids from running into them. 

73, Mike K3AIR  

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