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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Homebrew Radial Ring
From: David Gilbert <>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2011 00:46:51 -0700
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Every time this topic surfaces I'm rather amazed that no one uses the 
circuit breaker box ground bus bar extensions sold at places like Home 
Depot.  They're designed to be essentially weatherproof, they include 
all the screws to fasten the wires, and they can be strung together to 
handle as many wires as you need.  No drilling, the wire has no place to 
go as you tighten the screw, and the bars are dirt cheap.  I can't 
imagine a simpler solution.

There is absolutely no need for the radial connection device to be a 
ring or circular hub of any sort, but three or more of them could easily 
be arranged (connected at their ends) to surround the vertical element 
in a diamond, square, pentagon, or whatever configuration if for some 
reason that should be an issue for anyone.

Dave   AB7E

On 1/10/2011 7:30 PM, wrote:
> An article in one of the popular amateur radio magazines recently suggested 
> using stainless steel drain strainers in conjunction with stainless steel 
> nuts, bolts and lockwashers as a way to connect radials together.
> You could bolt several such stainless steel kitchen drain strainers
> at their perimeters to make a device which would surround your antenna.
> One might also visit a "non-ferrous" recycling dealer (scrapyard) and see if 
> they would sell some stainless steel sheet or plate to you.
> If you choose do drill your own stainless sheet or plate, use a drill press, 
> a quality drill bit. (none of the Harbor Freight garbage) lubricant and 
> steady pressure.
> On my setup, I use bolts, "nylok" nuts, washers and "star washers" all of 
> stainless steel.  Got the hardware from a marine hardware supplier:
> Jamestown Distributors.
> You might also use copper or brass for the grounding plate with stainless 
> hardware.
> 72,
> Tim
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