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From: Gedas <>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2019 20:33:55 -0500
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TU all again for even more great information. One quick comment Steve, I realize the loop does not need to be in the middle of the joint. I just drew that image to illustrate what I envisioned as the ideal knot for me before I posted my question. I was wondering if such a knot existed.

The reason I asked was because I do know that the breaking strength of two ropes brought together (and the knot) has a lot to do with how they are joined and what angles tension is coming from & I know my caveman knots, while they probably would have worked, may have been a lot weaker then something out there common to experts but not me.

I have been practicing making several knots suggested by many here using that Dacron rope and I really like the double fisherman's knot. Just below it I will attach a SS swivel bolt snap like this (one of our members showed me a neat trick to fasten this to my rope w/o any knots or breaks:

And today I finished making the 2x4 by 6' long pressure treated bottom pulley supports. I used some pressure treated wood and SS hardware my wife got for me. Gotta share this with you.....gotta love my wife, she is the best ! The day before I started this project she was out x-mas shopping and came across a bin at some store that had a close-out of Stanley SS threaded eye-bolts. They had some 6" & 8" long versions for just $1.75 ! She grabbed all they had for me LOL. Later I told her that had she not got these for me I would have had to go to Lowe's and pay 3-4X more for the same items.

Anyway, here is a picture on the bottom supports that will get "U" bolted to the bottom of the tower. The project is nearing completion. TU all again.

Gedas, W8BYA

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On 12/1/2019 11:41 AM, k7lxc--- via TowerTalk wrote:
   You got everything spot on but (possibly) missed one very important requirement.I 
think you knew it but did not mention it. I wanted to join two linestogether but ALSO end 
up with a fixed loop, ideally in the middle of the knot.
     There's really no compelling reason to conjure up a loop in the middle of 
the knot. Simply tie an overhand knot on either side of the knot and there's your loop! 
You can put it as close to the loop as you want and on either side.

Cheers,Steve     K7LXCTOWER TECH

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