Run? Mult?

Tony Brock-Fisher fisher at
Thu Apr 4 07:52:34 EST 1996

I've seen several scores listed here in the last few days which list
many, many radios for multi-single WPX entries. Specificly, the KT8X
listing shows a Run radio, a Mult radio, and a Spotting Radio.

The way I read the rules, there is NO MULT radio in WPX. The rules
specificly state you can't work two bands at once, and you can't
break the 10 minute rule even for a new mult.

Am I missing something here? What's the difference between a Mult
radio and a Spotting radio, if you can't work mults on a different

We did multi single from K1KP, and it was definitely more boring
than other contests where the mult radio can work guys. Heck,
we didn't even set up the second station because mults are so
common and the 10 minute rule is a pain.

Am I missing something? Or are other stations misinterpreting the rules?

-Tony, K1KP, fisher at

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