nv6o SprINT

Mon Apr 29 08:11:59 EDT 1996

>From KF6A - Phil's.  Looks like N. Cal got some propagation this time.
1 band change at 0215.  Like Ward, I had spent the afternoon digging
blackberries.  Luckily, I went over to Phil's earlier in the afternoon
to set up the computer - etc.

N2NT, WA2SRQ, Gator/m, had the big sigs.

146 q's from Orangevale.  (Should call it Blackberryvale)

KT-34 at 80', 2 el KLM 40 at 71 or so.  765 - NA V 8.sumpin.

I assume that ZAPWARE will deduct all the N4BO's and that N4TQO will
beat me again.

ZWAH and WHEHM were names of choice.  Heard BO a couple of times.

Hope my mobile signal in CQP (500W) is as loud as Gator's.

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