Rus Healy rhealy at mdsroc.com
Mon Apr 29 14:46:03 EDT 1996

Here in Western New York, where WN4KKN and I operated from my station
about 25 miles south of Rochester, N5RZ/M and K6LL were the clear leaders
in signal strength on 20. (Gator wasn't as killer loud on 40, but still
quite respectable! Amazing.) Lots of guys out through W5 and W0 were huge
on 40. 

Zwah was real--not a mutation. It was impressive how long Howie, Chris,
Bruce, Tycho, and a few other names stuck around throughout the contest. 

We were getting stomped a lot on 20, which wasn't surprising with
conditions and my low full-wave vertical loop. Forty worked much better
with the dipole at 35 feet. Even so, yesterday we spent a few hours moving
the 40/80 antenna to a taller tree (it's now at about 60 feet). Trey is
probably still shivering from the cool temps (around 50) and the wind
chill. It was *much* warmer than Saturday in Syracuse, where I swear the
wind chill was 15 degrees. Spring doesn't seem interested in coming to WNY
this year. I'd have gladly split the difference in temperature with Ralph! 

--73, Rus

Rus Healy, NJ2L
nj2l at mdsroc.com

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