ARRL 160 - KM3T (single op)

Dave Pascoe dave at
Sun Dec 8 15:42:33 EST 1996

LEOMINSTER, MA - The ARRL 160 contest was cut short by heavy snow and
resulting falling trees and power lines.  Curse.  Sigh.  That's life.

Score and story follow....


      Call: KM3T                     Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator (HP)

    Totals    716    1603     2.24         65         23    =   141,064
    Total hours operated: 17.8 hours

Equipment Description: Icom IC-765, AL-1200 amp
                       Inverted-L, 880' Beverage (EU only)

Club Affiliation: YCCC

This was my first contest from home in a while.  I was looking forward to
this one just to see what I could do from home.  I left work around 19.30Z
in a driving snow and finally made it home a little after 21.00Z.  I had
intended to add a lot of radials to the inverted-L before the contest but
didn't really get time, so I decided to put that off until Saturday

I did some tuning just before the contest to get the L back close to
resonance....started late.....around 22.20Z.  And tired from working all
day and not getting a lot of sleep lately.  I operated until 04.00Z and
decided I was exhausted....actually my body decided for me.  Slept from
04.00Z to 06.30Z and got back on for some of EU sunrise (not
enough.....too late).  Then operated through sunrise.....nothing worked of
note in the morning in the way of mults.  I'll get them Sunday morning
(but Mother Nature had other plans for me).

Operated Saturday a little during the day....surprised how many stations
were on during the day compared to years past.....activity on 160 seems to
be at an all-time high!  Things were going well....caught small EU opening
at local sunset and then worked EU throughout the evening (not in great
numbers)....but did get answers to CQs, which was encouraging.

Had two frequency fights during Sat. evening......frequency use doesn't
become apparent until near and after sunset when the 8's (and others)
start getting loud here.  I found it interesting that all the fights were
with 8's, though.  The only thing of real note was K8MK (ex-KC8MK), who
came out of nowhere and landed on my frequency calling CQ DX near sunset.
The most interesting thing was how broad his signal is.  Anyone know this
guy?  Or was it a multiop, as in years past?  He pretended not to hear me
and just kept on going....neither one of us could workin much of anything
while this was going I decided I really like to work guys more
than fight over something stupid so I eventually went away since it was
obvious the op had no clue.  At least get your signal fixed, 'MK.  Or
maybe that's how you're able to just plop down wherever you want?  Sheesh.

At exactly 06.11Z AC power blinked once, then again, and then went out
completely.  Mother Nature had declared an end to this contest (at least
for me).  Talked to KC1XX on the phone a little earlier and they had lost
power (about 15 miles north of me over the New Hampshire line) earlier in
the that point I had counted my blessings.  Power never
came back until about 3:00 PM local Sunday....we didn't expect it to be
back until some time on Monday because of the sheer amount of power line
work going on in the area.  Lots and lots of down trees and power
lines.....what a 160 antenna stayed up though!  That's all I
care about.....

See you in the CQ 160 'tests.....

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