WE9V ARRL 160 Score

Chad Kurszewski WE9V kurscj at oampc12.csg.mot.com
Tue Dec 10 09:08:48 EST 1996

                             ARRL 160 SUMMARY SHEET

    Callsign Used : WE9V  (at KS9K)

         Category : SO HP   WISCONSIN
 Default Exchange : 599 WISCONSIN

        Team/Club : Society of Midwest Contesters

   BAND   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults   Countries     Hours

  160CW     1033       2237      77        26         ~17.5

    Final Score = 230411 points.


Went to bed before 8Z (2am local, still 'early') and set the alarm for
11Z.  Never got up.  Slept till 17Z, much too late.  Never got to listen
for pacific or JA.  Did some work around the contest station and got back
at it at 22:30Z.  I broke my personal record very early in the contest
with much less QSOs (more mults).  I pulled the plug before 7Z after
breaking my QSO record.  Never got to work a JA.

I drove back home at 2am local.  Needless to say, my girlfriend was
estatic that I came home early.  I scored big points at home, too.

Last nite I looked up last year's results.  WOW!!  Nice to break the
division record in only a part-time record!  (Previously set last year
by N0BSH/K9NW at W9UP in Wisconsin.)

This contest is just so much fun.  Maybe next year I will put in a full
effort.  I'm finally getting a little more confident in that Morse Code
stuff.  (Contest code only, don't dare ask me a question in code during
a test!)

Other highlights was working 4Q2LID.  Also, RG8U was kind enough to send
his call for 15 minutes.  The bad news is that I couldn't copy the
exchange so I didn't log them.   :)  :)  :)

QRATE said:
      0104:          4 per minute     (240/hr)
      0028:         22 per 10 minutes (132/hr)
      0135:        104 per hour

45 EU QSOs, G, F, OM, 9A, PA, SP, S5, EA, GW, GM, TK, HB, UA2, OZ, SM, I
2 EA8's, plus C6, XE, HK, FS, and 6Y

Qth's worked:
   1.           OH   70
   2.           EP   52
   3.           IL   47
   4.           MI   45
   5.           VA   34
   6.           MN   32
   7.          NNJ   28
   8.           EM   27
   9.           ON   26
  10.          WNY   25

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