LU9AUY, cqww cw scores

mats at mats at
Wed Dec 11 00:02:52 EST 1996

hello *.*

            Here's my CQWW CW score, in case someone's interested.... if
not, you may erase this...   =)

            Q's         score       Zones       Countries   Dupes
            562         121.500     21          54          0  <----
yep, no dupes so far..

class mono op....
low power, monoband, ten meters

- TS 870
- A3S @ 28 meters

operating time approximately : 30 something hours???... plus friends
coming to take me out for a ride and a taco meal in a shopping mall the
first night (yep running some JA's)

            73's to *.*   de LU9AUY

                        Matias Vanni

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