W01N 160 CW Results and Comments

Kenneth Caruso 75260.3652 at compuserve.com
Tue Dec 10 23:24:50 EST 1996


 Call: WO1N                     Country:  United States
 Mode: CW                       Category: Single Operator
 Power: Low Power               Hrs Wrked: 7.5


     Totals    146   313       45        6    =   15,963

 Equipment Description: Yaesu FT757GXII, Inv L at 55, Timewave DSP59+

 Club Affiliation: Yankee Clipper Contest Club

 Well, Mother Nature had it in for me also. Lost power at 0337 the
 second night after just getting started for the evening run. N3DBN,
 if you're out there, 599 EMA (Hi). Lost power right in the middle of
 the exchange. Much of the Northeast got hit with heavy wet snow which
 started tearing down trees and power lines. I was one of the lucky
 ones, I had my power back in a mere 18 hrs.

 Unlike previous years where I could work everything I could hear, I 
 now hear a lot better and missed the following DX: KH6CC (big signal
 this year, would have had him sooner or later), TK5NN (not sure why),
 OM5XX, SP5GRM, HK1KXA (humungous pileup). The DX window was great, 
 I'd like to see it retained in the future. GM3POI, best DX signal

 CU in the next one,
 Ken Caruso
 75260.3652 at compuserve.com

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