Claimed score PI4COM in ARRL 10

Rob Snieder PA3ERC norf at
Sun Dec 15 20:00:45 EST 1996

Claimed score PI4COM ARRL 10 meter contest Multi-Single

Mode   QSO's    Countries    States
CW     108         26           0
SSB    114         29           0
TOTAL  222         55           0

36,300 points

Operators PA3ERC, PA3EWP

Equipment: Yaesu FT990 + 400 watts
Antennes: 7 elem monobander at 24 meter tower + vertical at 24 meter

Condition were not good, due to the high antenna we were able to work 
several stations over groudwave. We had a short opening to South America
at Sathurday 15Z and some nice multies from Africa Sunday at 12Z. No US
stations have been heared or spotted on the European clusters.
Hopefully the propagations will be better next year. Thanks for
everybody who worked us. Btw do you also have great difficulty to work
5N0T ? Last year we had the same problems.  He has a big signal but no
receiving antenna's or ...

See you in the CQWW 160 CW contest!
Season greetings of the whole PI4COM crew.

73 Rob

Rob Snieder PA3ERC 

member of Contestgroup Oude Maas PI4COM/PA6WPX

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