Mike Coolidge n9itx at tein.net
Sun Dec 15 19:58:52 EST 1996


Single Operator HP SSB 1500 watts

    QSO    SEC    DX

SSB 121    11     13    C-3XL at 70 ft, TH5 at 55 ft 

SCORE:  5,808

HOURS:  22

Yes this score is for real.  Condx were the absolute pits here.  Heard no
one on the east coast outside of Florida.  I don't know where everyone
worked all these stations.  All that I read is great conditions to the
Pacific, east coast etc. etc.  Zip nadda nothing here.  The only thing that
was worth anything here was South America, lots of LU's and others really
helped out, if it were not for the South Americans I probably would have a
score like 50 or something.  Oh well, that is the way it goes.

Looking at the N0ZA score (which I did not hear by the way) looks like I
needed to be in Colorado!  (Either that or I really stink at this?) 

Mike Coolidge
Lewistown Montana 

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