John John
Sun Dec 22 16:56:30 EST 1996

Well, it was fun to give the new call some use.

180 QSOs (only 1 on 80m, WB0O)

This circulating name stuff really keeps you on your toes.  I got really
confused during some QSO's.  My apologies to those who were on the
receiving end during those particular contacts.  Lots of good signals this
time.  Some of the louder signals included:  K4AAA, K0DEQ, W9RE, N0AX,
KC6CNV, W0GU (N2IC?) and WW2Y.  

Checked 80m quite a few times during the last half hour, but never heard
much activity.

Congrats to K4AAA, W0GU and K6LL on big numbers.  Thanks to N2NT for
letting me use his station.

73,  John N2NC
John R. Golomb <kz2s at exit109.com>

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