K8CC Stu Perry Contest Score

David Pruett k8cc at ix.netcom.com
Sun Dec 29 10:07:49 EST 1996

Stu Perry Top Band Distance Challenge Score

Station: K8CC      Operator: Ken Meier, W8MJ    Grid: EN82 (Michigan)

439 QSOs and 1603 points in 13:49 hrs operation

QSO Points Distribution

 1 point QSOs: 95
 2 point QSOs: 178
 3 point QSOs: 36
 4 point QSOs: 22
 5 point QSOs: 10
 6 point QSOs: 15
 7 point QSOs: 47
10 point QSOs: 2
12 point QSOs: 10
13 point QSOs: 8
14 point QSOs: 6
15 point QSOs: 6
16 point QSOs: 2
17 point QSOs: 1
20 point QSOs: 1


Score hampered by QRN from approaching storms which got worse as the 
contest went on.  First QSO was GM3POI @ 2205Z.  Furthest QSO was with 
4X4NJ in 22Z hour - it took some time to work him, we seemed to be 
hearing him better than he was hearing us. A few Europeans throughout 
the evening, with a small surge at their sunrise.  Two KL7s and KH6AT 
were the only choice morsels from the west.  Never heard a JA, despite 
much attention up in their window.

Congrats to N4VJ and N6TR for putting on this event.  Seemed strange to 
not have multipliers to provide endorphin hits to keep the adrenalin 

73, Dave/K8CC & Ken/W8MJ

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