K4RO Stew Perry SOHP

K4RO - Kirk Pickering k4ro at music-city.tdec.state.tn.us
Sun Dec 29 09:43:53 EST 1996

   STEW PERRY SUMMARY SHEET    Contest Dates : 28-Dec-96, 29-Dec-96

   Operator : K4RO       Category : SOHP     Default Exchange : EM66

        Team/Club : Tennessee Contest Group

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points        IC-761
 __________________________________________     AL-811  (500W)
                                                Sloping 1/4 wave vertical
  160CW      294         291        714         with one elevated radial
 __________________________________________     800' RX ant.

 Totals      294         291        714 
                                            11 hours operating time
    Final Score = 714 points.

Enjoyed the contest until the QRN set in, which happened about 0600Z.
Had 15 over 9 static by 0630, even on RX antenna.  No DX except C6A.
Should have put in the full 14 hours of darkness available.  Liked the
meaningful exchange (Grid Square) and the points based on distance
concept a LOT.  Loud westerners were W7GG & K7RAT.  Someone tried to
"assist" me again; this time sending the other station's grid square
when I was still having trouble copying a K1 station.  "no help pse,
don't want to use repeater"  :-)  Thanks for the QSO's.  -Kirk  K4RO

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