N2NT CW Sprint results

N2NT at aol.com N2NT at aol.com
Mon Feb 12 21:57:34 EST 1996

Haven't done this in a while, and never worked so hard to make so few qso's!

20 was horrific...Lowlight was 5 mins trying to pull K3JT out of nowhere on
20 unsuccessfully.
Got KKNed 5 times on 40...That's when you and KKN call a guy at the same
you finish with your short call, KKN is not finished with his novice call,
and he gets thru.
Big sigs from KR0Y, N6TR and WW2Y (line of sight).
Honorable mention to WQ5L who said I was loud on 40, tnx.

80    113

40    100

20     63

276  x   48   =    13,248

apologies to WA7BNM for duping you...

73, Andy

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