Posting Scores for ARRL DX

Jimmy R. Floyd floydjr at
Thu Feb 15 10:56:36 EST 1996

Hello Fellow Contesters,

As always I will be doing the scores for the upcoming ARRL DX, both CW &
SSB. I am going to try and submit some guidelines here that will make it
I hope easier on you and me. This job does take quite a bit of time and
these are only a few pointers that may save us both time. This list has 
been compiled from the other contests I have done. You can feel free to 
write to me, not the reflector about any suggestions that you would like
to see. I cannot tell you I can do them but will try my best. The scores
are for you and I am trying to give you as much info as I can.

1. This will be the format for the scores sheet I will use. If you could
submit your scores as close to this as possible. The best way to submit them
is of course is just the summary sheet in CT or whatever program you

CALL        CLASS            SCORE       Q'S       PTS          DX

In this contest there are several and I do mean several classes you can
operate in. I will put you in any class you want to be in. If I get one
with no class listed or no power I will put the in the highest class I 
can fine for you. All Single ops will go in the assisted class in that
case for an example. 

Another thing which will save me a lot of time is where you put your 
summary report. If you do not mind put your summary at the TOP of
your post. That way I do not have to look through a lot of stuff to find
the info I need

FINAL POSTING is another problem. When you see this post come out that is
what it means. You can send your scores to the reflector and let people 
see them but I am not going to add them to the list. As I said this takes
a lot of time and really do not like having two going at one time. It does
amaze me that I will not get a score for over a week and post the final 
and then get scores after that. Just so everyone understands this.

Breakdown sheet will also be done. I will assume that all that will be 
needed on it is Q's and Multis. 

Call       160          80        40        20        15      10
WA4ZXA    100/20      300/12    250/100   400/240   120/128  10/5

Of course they will be put in a class.

Also all Multi-Op Stations need to submit a list of ops. I will also put
them on the sheet.

Now one of the most important things is


This has been asked by the people who moderate this reflector. Please send
to me direct at floydjr at or to the 3830 reflector. I believe
to subscibe to the 3830 reflector send mail to 3830-REQUEST at and
put subscribe in the body of the text.

I hope all this helps in posting scores to go well. Thank all of you for
your thanks and all. I hope you understand I cannot reply to them all but
they are greatly appreciated. I have always felt that a person needs to 
give back things to a hobby to make it work. That is all I am doing.

73's Jim

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