N4RJ Post ARRL Notes...

Bill Fisher, KM9P km9p at akorn.net
Sun Feb 18 20:56:22 EST 1996

Friday night we suffered through another set of storms, not quite as bad as
during the 160 contest.  I believe the 3 element 40M yagi that N4RJ HAD up
was far superior to the 2 element Cushcraft that we used this weekend.
Biggest difference is in receive.

Spent all day Saturday on 20M.  I told John it would be better on Sunday.
Glad it was.  We ran EU for about 2 hours total on 15m.  Neat thing was when
the band opened big time to OH, SM, and LA at about 2030Z on Sunday
afternoon.  A few of the OH boys where 20db over S9.  

I heard someone in W3 commenting on 3830 about how nice it must be on 160
meters in New England... This was after they reported their score and 800
QSO's on 80M.  Geeeezzzzz.  

Got my new 3K Classic from Henry on Thursday.  Used it on the running bands
all weekend.  Nice to have an amp that loafs along at 1500w and the
transmitter only needs to run at less than 100w on all bands.  Looking
forward to moving it up to the mountain.

This weekend cinched it for the SSB version... I'm working on antennas.



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