Larry Schimelpfenig lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov
Tue Jan 23 06:54:58 EST 1996

First thanks to Bill for resolving what was a problem for some. But..... 
I'm gonna miss the wunerful fellers on 3830. 

K7SV IC735 100W / KT34XA 20-10 / ROTATABLE DIPOLE 40 / DIPOLE & N4KG 75 / 

BAND    Q'S     MULT'S
160      88     34
 75     162     45
 40     135     44
 20     143     37
 15      70     27
 10      15      7
TOTAL   613    194     118,922 PTS

Interesting how much difference there can be on a band from a week earlier. 
I think a lot of the guys missed the boat on ten meters. It opened very 
well to the west coast (at least CA and AZ). W6UQF hit 20 over 9 at one 
point. Didn't hear anyone from the west coast on top band. Best I did was 
K6LL in AZ. Think I had two sweeps - WE9V and K6LL. Thought WE9V was 
gonna be tough when we moved to 10. I could hear him but very weakly. All 
of a sudden there was a meteor burst and he was well over S9. Nothing 
else unusual. Normal abuse from mentally degranged folks guarding thier 
rights to any given frequency regardless of who was there first. Had one 
fellow tell me I was crowding a net 4 khz up in frequency. When I asked 
if I was splattering he said no and decided that 4khz was actually enough 
separation. Perhaps I shouldn't mention this publicly, but did anyone 
else notice what appeared to be slow scan garbage appearing at various 
spots on 75? I'm wondering if some of the pig farmers have recorded SSTV 
tones so they won't have to make all the wonderful human and non-human 
noises they do to chase us away.  Fone still sucks, but this to me is the 
most fun fone contest I have operated. CU on top band CW this weekend.
73 de Larry K7SV in VA - lschim at mailstorm.dot.gov

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