Jim Stevens ki4hn at nando.net
Mon Jan 22 21:26:42 EST 1996


    Contest Dates : 20-Jan-96, 21-Jan-96

    Callsign Used : AA4NC
         Operator : KI4HN

         Category : Single Op

 Default Exchange : JIM NC

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Mults  =20

  160SSB      67          67         67      24=20
   80SSB     141         141        141      40=20
   40SSB     164         164        164      38=20
   20SSB     112         112        112      29=20
   15SSB      78          78         78      20=20
   10SSB       1           1          1       1=20

 Totals      563         563        563     152=20

 Final Score =3D 85576 points.

 Equipment: Yaesu FT-990 & Icom IC-736
            Icom has Pro67 (10,15,20,40) at 70 feet
            Yaesu has 6 el 10M at 90 feet, 4 el 15M at 80 feet,
                      4 el 20M at 120 feet, 402CD at 130 feet,
                      Pro67 at 70 feet, 80M V at 120 feet, and
                      160M V at 120 feet.

 1. Lest everyone think I am a total LID, I apologize for my operating
    on 80 and 160, but Will's Vs developed a problem during the test.
    I would intermittently get a S9+30dB noise.  Sometimes it would=20
    only last for a few seconds, and other times it would last a minute
    or more.  If I was in the middle of Q with you and it started, I
    could forget hearing you (even if you were at KS9K :-).  Will was
    gone again, so I mostly suffered.  We talked later and came to the
    realization that probably some recent work he had done on the Vs
    had gotten messed up with the recent high winds we had.
2. The IC-736 has developed a serious hearing problem on the low bands
   (which with Will's current switching arrangement really only affects
   40M).  Something to do with Will trying to listen to his own signal
   from the Yaesu during the ARRL 160.  This hurt me some since I=20
   couldn't listen on 40 while running on 20 or 80/160 with the Yaesu.
3. Only having 20-10 with Icom hurt more in this test than normal.
   Normally I'm running so hot and heavy on 80 or 160 that I don't have
   a lot of extra bandwidth for tuning on the other band or 40.  But
   with the V problems plus the fact that I could never really get=20
   going on 80 or 160, I sure could have used that other rig.

I had fun as usual.  The NAQPs are fun tests for several reasons: short =
and sweet, decent rates, and best of all a chance to work all of the =
great US/VE contesters that I'm come to know through the Internet.  =
Overall I'm disappointed in my efforts the last two week-ends, but I'll =
be back in August.

Finally, congratulations to K6LL whose score is the 10th highest all =
time.  And a WOW to WE9V with 231 mults which has to be one of the top =
mult totals.  Chad, please post your breakdown so us mere mortals can =
marvel at where you got all those mults.

Jim KI4HN  

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