K8MR VHF SS, CQ 160 CW Scores

Jim Stahl k8mr at barf80.nshore.org
Mon Jan 29 14:59:28 EST 1996

    January VHF SS  -  K8MR  -  Single Op  -  Ohio  -  EN91
               50      90   26
              144     172   32
              432      58   19
                      320   77      =   29,106
    Conditions were as flat here as everywhere else.
     CQ 160 CW   -  K8MR  -  Single Op  -  Hi Power
               370 Qsos
                59 Mult     49 States/Provinces   10 Countries
              51,035    Score      4:15 hours
I didn't get on Friday evening, and had plans to go out to dinner
and a bridge tournament with my wife on Saturday.  At 5 pm we got
a phone call from my sister that her husband's jewelry store had
had an armed robbery attempt.  Although no one was hurt, the
crooks captured, and the stolen goods recovered, my younger
daughter freaked out and didn't want us to leave her.  So we
stayed home, and with nothing better to do eventually got on for
the contest.
Good rates, except during the 10 and 11 pm news when I was
watching the TV reports on the robbery.  I had a few Europeans
loud enough for me to hear with my shunt fed tower call in, but
after 3 hours something went screwy with the antenna such that it
wouldn't take a KW.  Sunday morning it had recovered but I got on
late enough to only work those straggling toward the finish line.
p.s. Personal to WB0O:  Forget that DX contest crap!  The 160
contests *really* are SS contests if you live in North Dakota!
   Jim  "Missed ND"  K8MR    k8mr at barf80.nshore.org

Jim Stahl
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