AB6FO 160 Results

KWIDELITZ at delphi.com KWIDELITZ at delphi.com
Mon Jan 29 19:38:30 EST 1996

                      CQ 160 METER CONTEST -- 1996

      Call: AB6FO                    Country:  United States
      Mode: CW                       Category: Single with Packet (Multi)


     Totals    225     656      49      12    =   40,016

I used packet for the first time in a long while in a contest, as
I  wanted to see if I could hear/work what everyone  else  around
heard/worked. I got in about 6 hours total, missing local  sunset
both days due to celebrating kids' report cards and other  family
social engagements, and local sunrise Saturday due to wanting  to

With a balloon vertical, I worked virtually everything I heard or
that   was  spotted  on  packet  while  I  was  in   the   shack.
Unfortunately  I  was not around for some juicy DX that  I  would
have liked to see if I could have worked. And I'm sure there were
stations to be heard that I didn't hear. A sip RX antenna (a  sip
is  a short beverage, about 250') yielded a few things  that  the
balloon vertical didn't hear. It's pointed toward the  Carribean,
so I worked some Carribean stations on 160 for the first time.  I
also worked my first JA's on 160 off the balloon.

As  an  RX antenna, a short sloper, K6STI loop  and  rotating  80
meter dipole at 70' didn't measure up to the balloon vertical  or
sip of a beverage.


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