ARRL SOA phone results....

Robert Penneys radio at UDel.Edu
Sun Mar 3 22:16:35 EST 1996

Unexpectedly tried to single op for the first time in one of the
Big Four. Thought it would be dreadful, but was surprised to enjoy it.
Even though I hate phone contests and am not a low-band fan.

Slept at least twice as much as anyone should, and put in twenty-plus hours.
Maybe I can get some special AARP mults in a while....

Anyway, the far from exciting outcome ---

160     26      24
 80     90      55
 40     92      49
 20    707     105
 15    105      51
 10     14       7

tot    1034     291     900,936

Profuse thanks to N2MM and family for usual outstanding hospitality and
attempts at guidance.

See you in Dayton -----   Bob, WN3K

                   GO FRC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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