Don Moman ve6jy at
Mon Mar 4 04:00:14 EST 1996

                              ARRL DX SUMMARY SHEET
        Callsign Used : VE6JY
        Operators : VE6s: FR SLV JY LDX WQ
        Category : MULTI SINGLE (hi pwr, no packet)

   BAND   Raw QSOs   Valid QSOs   Points   Countries   

  160SSB      13          13         39        12 	V,Delta at 140'
   80SSB      48          44        132        29 	Bobtails,Delta
   40SSB     103          99        297        45 	3 el 145, 4-30 log
   20SSB    1069        1061       3183       100 	5 el 145, 2 x TH6
   15SSB     106         106        318        43 	5 el 120

 Totals     1339        1323       3969       229 

    Final Score = 908,901 points.

Comments:  Much better 160 and 80 conditions the second night.  40m was never 
great up here either day. 20m was great the first day, Eu signals from 
0500 but really open from 0800 to 1400 and 1500 to 1930. Horrendous pileups at 
times, tough to get much of a rate but hey, it sure beats CQing w/o answers! 
The double Eu opening was really pronounced the second morning, but generally 
not nearly as good.  15m opened to CAm from 1300 the first day but it was a 
real bonus for it to give us a brief Eu opening around 1330 the second day. 
Nothing on 10 even though we checked frequently. 

Good things....everything worked....20m into Eu.....the power line noise that 
had been bad stayed away for the most part....

Less than good things....Need an "accent recognition" program to make s&p more 
effective 'cause there are sure a lot of non iders out there...very frustrating 
waiting thru a dozen or more Q's w/o any callsign given.  Everyone else seemed 
to know who they had worked but maybe they had the help of packet...And if 
you're going to CQ on 40 try to give the listening frequency once in a 
while....many cq'ing w/o answers and STILL not announcing the rx freq...must be 
a connection there somewhere....

73 Don

VE6JY is Don Moman               email: ve6jy at 
Box 127 Lamont, Alberta
T0B 2R0  (403) 895-2925

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