DL4YAO ARRL SSB 80 meters

Christoph Rheker christor at microsoft.com
Mon Mar 4 04:34:20 EST 1996

Here is my 80 meters Single Band Score:

Call  	hours		Score	QSOs	Multis
DL4YAO	10 hours	6552	84	26

Yaesu FT-757, 500 Watts Amp., top-loaded Vertical 40 feet high.

Working 26 states was nice with my simple antenna.
Contest started for me about 21 hours GMT, when VO1MP and a little=20
later KO1F appeared on the band with good signals.

The big-guns from W1/2/3 were S9+20.

Strong signals from stations located more west were:

KS9K, K5MR, K8AZ, K8CC, these guys were peaking S9 sometimes.
It was interesting to hear KS9K with S9 but nobody from W0 call area.

Here is an idea for HAMs working split:
Check your transmitting frequency sometimes.
I have heard several stations calling CQ on top
of a strong RTTY signal.


Christoph, DL4YAO
christor at microsoft.com


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